Delivering healthcare through the eyes of the patient

October 29, 2019 | by Mary Lou Mastro

Sometimes you need to get off the treadmill of life and take a breather.

Rest is essential to healing and good health. But in this 24-7 world, it’s easy to get sucked into working overtime.

Many of us work all day, go home to take care of family and errands, then log on after that to continue working. We respond to email and texts late into the night and early in the morning.

Humans need a break to recharge. This is especially true when you’re sick. That’s when your needs must come first.

At Edward-Elmhurst Health, we focus on creating an environment of healing and person-centered care. Both Elmhurst Hospital and Edward Hospital provide care in a healing environment that is centered on the patient.

We have quiet, green outdoor spaces and healing gardens at both hospitals where patients, their families and our staff can go to recharge. We have quiet places to relax indoors, too.

And, every patient has a window to see the natural world outside as he/she recovers.

But it’s not just our quiet spaces that contribute to the healing environment. Our nurses get to know patients and their families, and what’s important to them. We offer complementary therapies, pet therapy visits, guided imagery and Reiki.

Family members are allowed to stay 24/7. If patients prefer to shower in the morning, nurses work to make that happen.

Elmhurst Hospital is one of only 88 healthcare organizations worldwide, including 26 in the U.S., to receive Gold Certification from Planetree International. Planetree is a global organization with a 40-year history of partnering with providers to deliver person-centered care, which prioritizes the active participation of patients and their families throughout the healthcare process with an emphasis on partnership, compassion, transparency, inclusion and quality.

Elmhurst Hospital was built with the Planetree philosophy in mind. That means patients’ needs, and those of their families, come first.

Each room has a private bathroom. Family members are given key cards to their loved one’s room, so they can come and go as needed.

A centralized patient call-light system is located on a lower level of the hospital, away from patient rooms. The calls are answered within seconds and routed directly to the nurse on the requesting patient’s floor, which creates a quiet environment.

The hospital was also designed with special areas for patient transport, so they’re never in public view when shuttling to or from a procedure.

Everything we do is with our patients in mind. We want our patients and their families to have control over their care — to be informed, to be comfortable and to have what they need to heal. Every day, we strive to deliver healthcare through the eyes of the patient.


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