Edward-Elmhurst Health daffodil project puts hope on display

May 01, 2020

Every day, officials provide updates on the number of new cases and the number of people who have died from COVID-19. Analysts discuss whether the curve is flattening or a peak has been reached.

“It’s also important to shine a light on how many people are recovering from COVID-19 and leaving the hospital,” says Mary Lou Mastro, CEO of Edward-Elmhurst Health.

Each inpatient with COVID-19 discharged from Edward Hospital in Naperville or Elmhurst Hospital is now recognized with a 24-inch, decorative daffodil lawn ornament outside our hospitals. Each hospital will also post banners showing the total number of patients with coronavirus discharged system-wide and will update it daily.

Traditionally a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodils provide an uplifting representation of those who are winning the fight against this deadly virus.

“Marking each COVID-19 discharge with a daffodil puts hope on display,” Mastro says.

In addition, each COVID-19 inpatient who is being discharged will leave the hospital with a real daffodil and note of encouragement as well.

To date, Edward-Elmhurst Health has discharged more than 300 patients who were treated for coronavirus.

“Watch as the fields of daffodils — and the number of patients who are healing and recovering — grow over the coming weeks,” Mastro says.

To get the latest information on what Edward-Elmhurst Health is doing about coronavirus, check www.EEHealth.org/coronavirus.