EMH Foundation awards $28,000 in scholarships to teen volunteers

July 25, 2019

The Elmhurst Memorial Hospital (EMH) Foundation has awarded $28,000 in Teen Volunteer Health Profession Scholarships to 13 area high school students who volunteer at Elmhurst Hospital and plan to pursue careers in a health-related field.

Recipients, their high schools and areas of study:

  • Safiyah Azeez, Islamic Foundation, Physician
  • Thomas Bennett, Northridge Preparatory, Neonatology
  • Alexander Boskov, York, Biomedical Engineering
  • Olivia Brunke, York, Pediatrician
  • Emma Czech, York, Nursing (Marilyn Graber Memorial Scholarship for Nursing)
  • Megan Foster, York, Nursing
  • Chloe Gomez, York, Physician
  • Aileen Horn, York, Physical Therapy
  • Alyssa Irby, York, Nursing
  • Lillian Kraus, York, Nursing/Nursing Anesthesia
  • Vincent Lococo, York, Geriatric Physician
  • Jacob Paulaskas, York, Biomedical Engineering
  • Artemis Siavelis, York, Biomedical Engineering

Elmhurst Hospital teen volunteers must meet a rigorous set of criteria to qualify for a scholarship, including scholastic achievements, minimum 160 hours of volunteer service in the hospital, strong performance evaluations from the Volunteer Department, community service and pursuit of a career in a health-related field.

For more information about the EMH Foundation and upcoming events, visit www.emhfoundation.org/events or call (331) 221-0388.