Edward-Elmhurst DEXA Body Composition Test helps identify health risks

November 29, 2017

Edward-Elmhurst Health is now offering the DEXA Whole Body Composition Test, a scan that is the most accurate, in-depth analysis of a person’s body fat, muscle, bone and water mass, and can identify health risks and pinpoint problems in the body before they become serious.

The DEXA scan is a tool to use before starting a specific diet and exercise plan – it determines the exact locations and percentage of overall body fat, which allows a person to build a plan to target their specific needs. DEXA can then be used to monitor the plan’s success.

The FDA-approved scan is also able to quantify levels of the dangerous, deep belly fat, also known as visceral fat, found in the spaces between abdominal organs and linked to a number of health problems, including metabolic disturbances, risk for cardiovascular disease, breast cancer (in women) and type 2 diabetes. Visceral fat is also linked to higher cholesterol and insulin resistance, and is typically influenced by heredity and hormones.

The DEXA scan also provides the exact location of lean muscle, which plays a key role in metabolism and preventing pathologic conditions and chronic diseases. Maintaining muscle mass is also important for preventing osteoporosis. Specifically targeting these muscles and strengthening them improves balance, blood sugar levels and sleep.

The DEXA scan, which takes about 15 minutes, uses a low-dose x-ray beam that is about one-tenth of the exposure of a dental x-ray.

The cost of the DEXA Body Composition Test is $75. Insurance is not accepted. A physician referral is required. To schedule an appointment, visit www.eehealth.org/services/integrative-medicine/whole-body-composition-test or call (630) 527-3200.