Elmhurst Hospital teen volunteers open one time capsule, create another for 2042

May 15, 2017
Elmhurst Hospital Time Capsule Elmhurst Hospital teen volunteers from 1992 and 2017 gathered on Saturday, April 29 at Elmhurst Hospital to open a time capsule that had been created in 1992 and put a new one together that will be opened in 25 years – 2042. 

In the photo, from left, Elmhurst Hospital 1992 teen volunteers Debbie Brooks, Sarah Lestina, Carol Raimondi, Michelle Kosieniak and Betsy Sides; 2017 teen volunteers Chloe Gomez, Lily Kraus; Dee Panek, Coordinator, Volunteer Services, Elmhurst Hospital; teen volunteers Olivia Brunke, Erina Maranda, Isabella Raimondi, Daniella Spizzirri, Adrianna Maxwell, Ben Airdo and Josh Jonkman; and Lora Vega, Director, Volunteer Services, Elmhurst Hospital.