Edward-Elmhurst providing midwife services in Aurora

May 04, 2016

Edward-Elmhurst Health is now offering midwifery services in Aurora at 1222 N. Eola Rd. Midwifery care supports women with low-risk pregnancies to have a personalized delivery experience offering alternative comfort measures, such as warm water hydrotherapy for labor and birth, in addition to traditional pain management options.

Midwives from the Midwifery & Women’s Health of Elmhurst Clinic provide care at the Eola Rd. location, which is also home to an Edward-Elmhurst Walk-In Clinic and Edward Medical Group primary care physicians.

The midwives of Elmhurst Clinic are advanced practice nurses (APNs) who are nationally certified and licensed by the state of Illinois as certified nurse midwives (CNM). Midwives provide healthcare for all stages in a woman’s life, including pregnancy planning, annual gynecological exams and menopausal care. They are specialists in low-risk pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Elmhurst Clinic’s midwives are independent practitioners who deliver babies at Elmhurst Hospital, 155 E. Brush Hill Rd.

Most women are good candidates for midwifery care during pregnancy and birth. Those who have diabetes, heart conditions, are prone to seizures or have other high-risk factors are discouraged from pursuing midwifery as an option for care during pregnancy and delivery.

In addition to the Aurora location, Midwifery & Women’s Health of Elmhurst Clinic also has offices in Elmhurst, Lombard and Oak Park.

For more information or to make an appointment, call (331) 221-9009 or visit www.EEHealth.org/midwife. Online scheduling is available.