Edward Hospital honors Naperville Fire Dept. with 2015 EMS “Run of the Year”

February 17, 2016
Run of the Year Firehouse Edward Hospital has awarded its 2015 EMS (Emergency Medical Services) “Run of the Year” to members of the Naperville Fire Department Station 9/Black Shift for their efforts in successfully delivering a baby under challenging circumstances, treating the baby and mother, and transporting them to Edward Hospital for further care.

On December 20, 2015, paramedics Timothy Collins, Lt. Jim Kubinski and Sara Schmidt were called to a home where a woman was about to give birth. Upon arrival, the infant’s body was delivered but the head was stuck on the mom’s pelvic bone and could not pass. The baby’s heart beat was strong. Dr. Edward Parker of the Edward Hospital Emergency Department (ED) instructed the medics to do an episiotomy, but the baby was still unable to be completely delivered, which meant baby and mom needed to get to the hospital right away.

At that point, the baby’s pulse stopped. Edward’s Obstetrics Department was alerted and, along with the ED staff, were ready to meet the ambulance as soon as it arrived at the hospital. While on the way, a second episiotomy was performed and mom successfully delivered the baby just as they pulled up to the Edward ED. The baby was resuscitated, mom was treated and they were both moved into Edward’s Labor & Delivery Unit. A couple of days later, mom and baby were discharged from the hospital.

“We commend the Naperville Fire Department for their exemplary work in the field and use of lifesaving skills under intense pressure,” says Pam Davis, System CEO, Edward-Elmhurst Health. “Extraordinary teamwork, clear communication, and calm execution between the medics, our ER physician and nursing staff provided the critical care and seamless support needed for this mother and baby. This partnership is something we value and appreciate today and every day.”

In addition to Collins, Kubinski and Schmidt, paramedics Amanda Bradbury, Burton Chaet, John Gabrielson and Todd Overmyer were presented with Edward’s 2015 EMS “Run of the Year” award at an Edward management team meeting on February 16.

The event capped off the year-long “Run of the Quarter” program in which area paramedics are honored for exceptional ambulance runs. In the “Run of the Quarter” program, the Edward EMS Team reviews ambulance runs by pre-hospital providers and selects one to be recognized every three months based on the following criteria:

  • Excellent communication from the field that resulted in the timely delivery of pertinent clinical information to the Edward Emergency Department staff
  • Clear and thorough documentation
  • Superior clinical assessment skills that resulted in accurate recognition of a clinical situation
  • Behavior exceeding the call of duty in the field
  • Superior partnership and teamwork with Edward Hospital

The Edward program is modeled after Elmhurst Hospital’s “Run of the Month,” which has been honoring EMS providers in the hospital’s service area since 2012.